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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  March 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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shannon sohn. >> this guy was travelling on the eastbound side of the roadway on the cross island parkway. imagine what was going through his mind when he saw a tire going over the divider and crash right through the top of that vehicle, literally smashing the roof as well as the windshield. there are two people inside of the vehicle taken to north shore university hospital. one in cardiac arrest, the other in unknown condition. we have to say it is amazing that no other cars were hit. we want to bring you to the shoulder. this tire wept across all lanes of traffic and came to a rest against the right shoulder. we want to paint the picture so you know what happened to you. this guy was on the eastbound side of the roadway but we want to take you to the westbound side. the car that lost the tire it was the left front tire of the car that came off of it. he is still sitting there on the westbound sietd of the roadway. we have -- side of the roadway.
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you may wonder why all of the cars, not a big problem. it was such a big accident that weapon wound up having a secondary crash over by union turnpike. you can see it right there. only the left lane gets through. this is an on going accident investigation and it is going to be here for hours these delays take you all the way back to the grand central parkway back by laguardia airport. they wrap around onto the jackie robinson parkway. if there is a day to take lie, this is the day to do it. shannon sohn. channel seven, eyewitness news. >> thank you. now to the latest efforts to prevent a new jersey transit strike. with 32 hours from a deadline that could result in major headaches for commuters trying to get to work. more than 100,000 people use new jersey transit to get to new york city every day and without a deal. they'll be way in come monday.
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eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett is in newark and begins our coverage. >>reporter: liz, eyewitness news has learned transit negotiators came to the table this morning with a new offer on health benefits intended to move these talks forward. both sides, i'm told, remain far apart. perhaps millions of dollars apart on the issue of wages. as dave said, without an agreement, the union has threaten to walk off the job on sunday morning, shutting down the third largest commute behind metro north and the lirr. there is disagreement on the duration or the term of the contract, liz. will it be for six years? seven years, or as i learned today, even longer? complicating matters is the fact that new jersey transit is here in negotiating the deal with 11 unions at once. the contract will cover all of those unions. union negotiators did not take questions from reporters as they arrived here this morning. new jersey transit lead
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before the cameras and he turned up the heat today. >> this is the day. this is the day it should happen. this is when there should be a settlement. there is, in my opinion, no reason for a settlement not to be reached today. everything that we have to talk about, we have talked through. we know exactly what the differences are between us. those differences have been calibrated with some fair degree of precision. there is no disagreement about that. it is now time to close those differences, reach an agreement, lift the threat of a strike off of the heads of our customers, and mo. >> sources close to the talk tell me both sides met today for two hours and then broke for lunch and since about 2:00, new jersey transit negotiators have been caucusing, speaking among one another up in the hotel. so, again, we have discussions here, we have give and take, but no settlement, at least not so far tonight.
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burkett, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you. in the event of the strike, contingency plans include increased bus services and five park and ride lots across new jersey. all all park and rides are the same. the largest is at metlife stadium where 5,600 parking spots are available. commuters can take buses into manhattan. the smallest is at the ramsey route 17 station. buses will take anybody who parks there to a ferry terminal. in central jersey, 3,700 spots are available at the metro park station in wood bridge. commuters can take buses to harrison to connect with pack trains and at pnc art summer and take buses to manhattan. the final is at the hamilton road station. buses will go to newark to connect with path from there. several businesses that wshgers rely on -- workers rely
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tim is live with that part of the coverage. >>reporter: getting workers to their jobs in manhattan could be the biggest challenge in the event of a strike. any delays could cost businesses big money and they're already making plans. 105,000 commuters use new jersey transit to get to their jobs in new york city. whether they get in on their own or use another form of mass transit, a strike could significantly delay the commute. >> there have been delays over the past couple of days. i can't even imagine if there was a complete shut down. >> the potential impact on businesses could be great. partnership for new york city, who's business members cover all finds. for all hour that is delayed, millions of dollars could be lost. >> the projections for delays and tie ups are significant. some of those can obviously telecommute for a short-term period of time. >> the healthcare industry for one, is already making plans.
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complex, they're encouraging the 4,000 new jersey workers to think about how the possibility of a strike would affect them. >> everybody is aware that they need to get up earlier and fight the traffic or, you know, stand instead of sit on a train or a bus and they know that they're going to have to come to work. >> lennox hill hospital says on site a accommodations will be available for impacted employees as needed. financial services on wall street could suffer the biggest losses. partnership for new york city thinks for every hour delayed more than $1.9 million could be lost. >> that is who we depend on. 40% of our economy is financial services and professional services. >> big retail companies like macy's say some options we're considering is working remotely or working from any one of our new jersey store locations. >> everyone will be in gridlock
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certainly commuters are hoping that will not be the case. reporting live in midtown. tim fleischer, channel 7, eyewitness news. new jersey transit is setting up five parking ride lot s. if you're looking for the best way into new york from your area head to our website, abc7ny. we posted videos like you saw with heather o'rourke reporting our contingency plans for commuters from different parts of the state. it is all at the victim of a frightening random slashing in brooklyn, now the woman who survived a deep can you tell cross her neck is everyone. eyewitness news reporter stacey sager spoke to the victim and more. stacy? >>reporter: it was a message about safety. she said she needed 13 stitches. she says she is lucky to be alive. police here are for her attacker. you see flyers that are all over
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this attack happening in broad daylight. this is the woman who was slashed, as we said, 13 stitches in her neck afterwards, this man shown in surveillance video approached her from behind yesterday morning, randomly slashed her in the neck, and then ran away. they say he was also wearing an american flag bandana over his face. he was carrying a bag. he left stwo knives -- two knives at the scene. both the victim and her husband a. >> horrible, horrible. don't stay on your cell phone like you're walking. that is what i was doing. >> you were on your cell phone. messages. >> how concerned should new yorkers be about the slashings? >> i would say very concerned. it is happening more and more. it is really, it is terrible.
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>> and the problem is, some of the slashings are occurring with suspects approaching from behind and you heard what this woman said. she said i was looking down at my cell phone, checking text messages while walking down the street. she said if i had it to do over again, i wouldn't have done it at all. the attacks are up 20% over the same time period from last year. we'll have a lot more on the latest on this police investigation coming up in another live report at 5:30. we're. stascey sager, channel 7, eyewitness news. police are investigating how a suspect was able to escape in handcuffs. he made it a few miles before crashing into parked cars. howard was pulled over last night on outstanding robbery warrants. he was put in a police suv and as the arresting officer spoke
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he got behind the wheel of the cop car and then took off. >> at that point, he was able to squeeze through an 11 and a half inch by 12 and a quarter inch divider that is in the police car. it was a very, very swift, clean maneuver when he went through that partition. >> he was quickly rearrested. nassau county police officer followed protocol in scurrying howard but it hasn't been determined if he will face discipline charges. we're hearing from the pilot of a small plane forced to make a landing on an island in sunken meadow state park before 11:00 this morning. the pilot called air traffic control to report the air craft was in trouble. it noticed the plane drop off of
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of stoney brook hospital near the shoreline. >> east of north port? >> disabled, same number of us on board. >> the air craft did land safely, just 400 yards from the parking lot at park. no one was hurt. the faa now investig. >> funeral services for former first lady nancy reagan wrapped up in california within the hour. mrs. reagan planned every part of the funeral. among the thousands who attended today, first lady admonishel obama, former -- michelle obama former first lady laura bush and
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the service was filled with memories and music. brian maroney read a letter president reagan wrote to nancy the first christmas. >> i love the whole gang of you. mommy, first lady, the sentimental you, the fun you. and the peewee power house you. merry xhms to you august with all my love. lucky -- to you all with all my love, lucky me. >> they are laid to rest inches apart from her husband. they will be buried inches from one another on a hill top over looking the pacific ocean. david? >>. a photo is being called racist and offensive. so why was it posted in a restaurant? we'll show it to you. also, a family in mourning after a young man with a bright future had his life cut short. his mother is speaking to eyewitness news. >> after a violent attack at a donald trump rally, more protests today. we'll show you how the candidate resp.
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it is not 79 degrees but it is beautiful. it is breezy it is sunny out, you can get away without the jacket right now, but later this evening, not the case. here is your seven on seven. it will be cooling off into the 40s within 5 or 6 hours. we have the latest on your
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. now to the race for the white house. donald trump picked up another endorsement from a former rival. ben carson formally endorsed trump.
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saying there is the persona reflected on stage and the private person who, quote, considers things carefully. on the heels of a violent attack at a trump rally, there were more protesters at a campaign event today in missouri. he was interrupted several times and a number of people had to be escorted out of the police. >> go home and get a job. go home. get a job. get a job. i'll tell you, these are not good people, folks. just so you understand. are they out? are they out? what a debt meant. what a debt -- detriment. there are republican primaries and caucuses in puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. the next big day of voting will be tuesday when five states, including florida and ohio hold
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>> dangerous rain continues to soak louisiana where fatal floods have been a problem all week. at least three people died because of the severe weather in the state. the flooding has closed major highways and caused roads to buckle under the weight of the heavy water. the storms have hammered states across the south and tennessee crews rescued nearly a dozen people surrounded by flood waters from an over flowing river there. a little bit cooler here today. we didn't have summer like temperatures but still, really beautiful out there today. >> hard to complain when you see something like. that you know some of the 48-hour rain fall totals are near 17 inches. you're talking four months of rain for us. liz told me she saw me carrying my over coat. she said you're not going outside with your over coat, did you. >> i didn't say it with such disgust. >> bring your man card wit. >> i guess after temperatures near 80 degrees intashgs feel a little cool -- i can't feel a
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>> toughen up! >> i would recommend everyone takes the over coat out toward the night. the breezes are they'll back off a little bit. overall, another gorgeous day. we backed off from june readings to april readings. we didn't go all the way back to march. this is high thin clouds and sunshine gleszenning off of the hash -- glistening off of the harbor. the air is dry. it makes it feel cooler. and the wind is gusty. the high goes in the books at 67 after midnight. much of the day has been spent around 60 degrees. no record today but not normal, still running a good 19 degrees above average. a pair of 6's in wood haven. look on long island, 64 in smith town. uniform temperatures, lower 60s in the hudson valty. is chillny monticello. because of the sea breezes and the cool nature we had on the coastline, islip is the same as it was at this time.
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15 degrees behind the pace. wind gusts are 20 and 30 miles an hour in a couple of spots. that is a cool breeze coming out of the northwest but it was able to push the rain clouds away early in the morning. during the early evening we're in the upper 50s. by midnight. upper 40s in new york city and by morning, 44 and a lot of 30-degree readings in many of the suburbs. there is a chill in the air. we'll recover into the mid-50's and low 60s tomorrow afternoon. just a couple of patchy, high, thin clouds should make for a nice sunset. high pressure is building in from the great lakes. as that is closer, our winds back off. look at cool air over upstate new york and eastern canada. we get a brief cool spot and temperatures will recover tomorrow afternoon. we'll look at the system that is drenching part of the gulf states. what happens is between now and tomorrow afternoon, a little piece of that breaks off and tries to come into the north east. we see it as cloud cover in the afternoon hours, especially south and west of new york city. by sunday, a bigger piece of
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there are more clouds in the afternoon and might even end the day with a shower south and west of new york city and then we really get some moisture from that system and that is coming in on monday. that looks like a raw, damp day to start early but after all of this weather, you knew it had to come around to that. futurecast temperatures tomorrow morning, if you're headed out bright and early. if the kids have an early game. it is chilly, 30s in our suburbs and nice, under sunny to partly cloudy skies and more sun to the north and temperatures around 60 or so. clear and colder tonight. 41, 30s in many suburbs and 62 tomorrow with sunshine mixing with clouds during the afternoon. many southwest suburbs can finish off the day mostly cloudy. 49, coming up at 4:30, we'll look at that sunday map and no matter what the skies are, clokts will change, the sunset at 7:00. daylight saving time returns and the question is, will the daylight on sunday all be dry or will we have rain moving in before day's end.
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forecast when we come back. the 7:00 sunset on sunday. looking forward to that. >> that will be so nice. >> can't wait. >> do you need your coat? >> yes! >> sorry! >> bring your man card with you, too. >> show it at the door. >> all right. >> they won't let you in without it. >> what has it done for me lately? still to come, dangerous health risks now linked to a popular sweetener. a new study we'll tell you about. >> two teenagers found safe after being held against their will for a year. details on the woman now arrested in this case. >> we have a quick programming note to tell you about. today's episode of general hospital, which was preempted so we could show you nancy reagan's funeral. that episode of general hospital
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. the joe's crab shack restaurant chain apologizing for a disturbing table cloth. two customers were disturbed by a photo embedded in one of the restaurant's tables. you can see the hanging of a black man and it is surrounded by a crowd of white people with a word bubble that said all i said is i didn't like the gumbo. they released a statement apologizing for the image and
4:25 pm
explanation of twhchl was there in the first place. actor john good man is in a new show called 10 clover lane. it is earning a lot of buzz. is it enough to get you to the theater? entertainment reporter sandy kenyon is here. >> we'll provide more evidence here. call it a stealth movie. it was made under a different name and even the members of the cast were kept in the dark about how and when 10 clover field lane would be released. 10's of millions of people got their first glimpse of the new movie during the super bowl when a commercial for 10 clover field lane managed to cut through the . the film begins with a woman fleeing a relationship she no longer wants but michelle soon finds herself in far greater peril. >> you were in an accident, and i saved your life by bringing you here.
4:26 pm
where howard has some grim news. >> there has been an attack. everyone outside of here is dead. >> unnerving comes to mind when describing the man who played in a sitcom. it is so disturbing that it is the first truly oscar worthy performance of 2016. >> i focus on being prepared. >> should we believe him? the audience wonders, along with the two inside his b. >> what was? >> how do you know this is real? >> soon enough it all seems real >> there is a woman. she wants me to let her in. >> do not let her in. >> she is begging me. >> you can't help her. >> goodman elevates this low budget movie but mary elizabeth winstek and john gallagher rise
4:27 pm
>> the finale is too good. it is better if i don't spoil it. suffice it is to say it is something very scary. i don't even like horror movies but this is good enough to highly recommend. it was produced by jj abrams who directed the latest star wars impossible franchise. 10 clover field lane cost me a night's sleep but it was worth it. >> jj abrams and john goodman. >> it is a good combo. >> i'm not a horror person but that might be hard to resist. >> we look forward to it. a high school basketball stand out killed by gunfire. now the teen's family is speaking out. we'll tell you the one thing the boy's mother wants to know. >> a special needs student left alone on a bus. not once, but twice, and then forced to hitchhike to get home. >> i'm lauren glassberg. if you think bouldering isn't exactly challenging enough, how
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. recapping our stories on this friday afternoon. at least one person has been injured after a bizarre accident on the grand central parkway. crashed into another vehicle. the driver who was injured was rushed to the hospital and is in critical condition at this hour. >> new jersey transit talks continue at this very hour. sunday's strike deadline gets closer, if workers and transit officials can not come to an agreement in the next 36 hours, 4,000 rail workers may go on strike and contingency plans will go in place. you can see the plans on our website at our top story this half hour. a high school basketball star killed hours after he helped his team win a big game.
4:32 pm
killed walking home from his game. there is this heart wrenching moment showing his mother and sister holding one of his trophies. marcus is in poughkeepsie with a story. marcus? >>reporter: dave and liz. there were tears shed here and there. it has devastated the family and the community. >> i just want to know why. why, he didn't deserve that. >> a mid the tears, painful questions as johnson mourns the death of her son. caval haylett was shot once in the head in poughkeepsie. they do not believe the 18-year-old was the intended target but somebody shot into the group. another 18-year-old was injured. he played his basketball with the high school and stuff. and you know, he hung out with his friends and his girlfriend and whatever, but never to no beef where somebody would cause
4:33 pm
haylett was a star basketball player for poughkeepsie high school. hours before he scored 21 points in the duchess county all star game. he tweeted a picture of the photo with the words, look what god has blessed me with. >> a moment of sheer joy which is heartbreak. >> caval did not deserve this, but he will live on forever and i will make sure everybody, everybody remember my little brother. ever. >>reporter: no arrests in this case yet. here at the high school, there were grief counselors available today. we'll have more on that later on. for now, we're live in poughkeepsie. marcus solis, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you. a man suspected of killing his girlfriend is in court today after police found him # thousand miles away. taquan long was arrested in sacramento, california earlier this week.
4:34 pm
he is accused of killing joann gravette and injuring another woman in january. a frightening moments on the brooklyn bridge when a school bus collided with two other cars. in all, eight people were injured. the accident happened around 9:00. several of the injured refused treatment. one person was taken to bellevue hospital. a man is under arrest accused of robbing, of all things, girl scouts selling cookies. the robbery happened on wednesday in rockville center in nassau county. 34-year-old michael avile stole a cash box with $100 in it. he swiped it off a table being used by girl scouts selling cookies. a witness was punched in the face by the man. he was arrested yesterday. police in florida say a special needs student was forced to hitchhike home after a school bus driver and the attendant left him alone on the bus, not once, but twice. police say the two got off the bus without realizing that the
4:35 pm
in one of the seats. when he realized he was alone, he climbed out of a window and hitchhiked his way home. this week, police say he hitchhiked home again after the woman left him alone on the bus again. >> we're blessed that they were picked, that he was picked up on every occasion by good folks that gave him a ride home and that he wasn't picked up by some child predator or somebody who wanted to create harm for him. >> police arrested both women and charged them with child neglect. the women admitted to telling the student to deactivate a system that would remind them to make sure the bus was vacant. a rapper 50 cent first was the target of a judge in connecticut. now the secret service is after him for social media posts. the rapper's real name is curtis jackson the third. he posted an image of himself surrounded by stacks of cash on his instagram page. he posted again saying the
4:36 pm
he said he doesn't know and the lawyers say it was just a prop. he filed for bankruptcy listing $36 million in debt. the cleveland browns today announced they have released quarterback johnny manziel. the heisman trophy winner with a controversial past entered a rehab facility in pennsylvania for alcohol and drug abuse after his rookie season with the team. then he was involved with two domestic violence incidents within three months. the grand jury is examining evidence from one of the incidents where his ex-girlfriend says manziel struck her in the head after a night out. we've all seen the startling headlines about heroin diction, an epidemic tearing apart families across america. david muir has gone to the front lines for the special, breaking point, heroin in america. >> police came to my door and said my son was gone.
4:37 pm
this country, the needles are everywhere. paramedic shows us the needles, the tool kits they found. families discovering them. >> you have families calling them saying there are needles at the park, needles on the little league field. >> yup. >> david tells us in some communities, the epidemic is so rampant, paramedics are teaching young children how to use the drug narcan to bring back someone from an over dose. you can see much more of david's report tonight on special 20/20. it begins at 10 p.m. here on channel seven and will be followed by eyewitness news. still to come, subway rides in new york city, think this is
4:38 pm
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4:40 pm
. a new study raising concerns about splenda and it is now being linked to several blood cancers including leukemia in mice. a new study found mice fed splenda every day developed cancer. the chemical in splenda is in more than 4,500 products including splenda.
4:41 pm
one breast are having double masectomies to reduce the risk of cancer in the other. doctors are saying that might not be the best many thought an aggressive approach would help them with the quality of life by lessening the worries about cancer. a surgery does not improve peace of mind or quality of life very much. researchers also say that the decision does not appear to be leading to longer survival either. parents may want to think twice about posting about their children online. according to a new survey, investigating family and technology, there is one social media rule children want their parents to follow most. ask permission before posting pictures. the survey found the children are often embarrassed and frustrated about the content their parents are posting about them on social media. >> i like when you go ask permission before posting. i'm talking to all of you! >> that is what we demand of them. they have a right to ask, too. >> good reminder for us.
4:42 pm
new challenge for thrill seekers that will make you feel like you're in a video game. >> it is taking indoor rock climbing to a whole new level. eyewitness news reporter lauren glassberg gave it a try. >> i really enjoy the aspect of climbing. >> john chang approaches each climb first with his brain and then with his body. >> you're sort of trying to solve this problem in your head about how to move year body in 3-d space. >> getting to the top wasn't enough for the graduate. >> i tend to be a competitive person. >> he created a game. >> maybe we could do something more of a race. >> a race against the clock targets a projected onto the climbing wall and the goal is to hit them as quickly as possible. >> it lully gave me an adrenaline rush. i felt like i had to get it done fast. >> the technology augments the climbing experience into something totally different for climbers. >> i'm a fan of stepping baks,
4:43 pm
you have to hit the dots. it is split second. and it was really cool to have that aspect to it. >> brooklyn boulders periodly offers the timed trials to climbers at all of the locations including the newest spot in long island city. >> everyone wanted to live in a video game before. if they played nintendo. right in line with the audience. >> even novices get into it. here! >> is that all of them? >> that is all. >> what do you do about getting down? >> you jump. >> yes! >> and because the game can be adjusted from easy to difficult there, is always more climbing to do. >> it appeals to a lot of advanced climbers. they like competing with each other. we've had a lot of success with kids programs. we have a lot of kids who are really, really excited about it and they're like, that is really, really cool. can i play that? >> and those who are kids at heart. lauren glassberg, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> that has to be a great adrenaline rush.
4:44 pm
heart was in the story. two sisters found alive months after they were kidnapped. we'll tell you about the young girls who were held against their will and the woman who is
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
. if you think a subway ride costs too much, it costs the mta
4:47 pm
operating costs per ride is 4 to $11 which is much more than -- i guess it is $4.11. is that right? which is much more than $2.75 single ride fare. that price reflects the mta's high labor cost including the round the clock staffing. 66% of the mta's oper spending is paid to the workers. a unique species of algae has been found living in a river in connecticut and has been given a rather disgusting name. they nicknamed the algae rock snot. it was discovered in the farming ton river in 2011. . now they know this is the only place that it exists. the problems is that the algae is an invasive species that can damage the eco system.
4:48 pm
it makes this nice little strand. it has the potential to grow and form large quantities like a carpet completely blanketing and smothering what would naturally be there. >> that is fascinating and disgusting all wra one. biologists are asking everyone not to take the algae with them. clean boots or any gear that has been in the water. i think it is cool! >> you know what that is. that is -- >> oh, the word. >> that sounds better than rock snot. >> say it again? bless you. i worked on it all afte. >> outside we go. we had time today. the weather is rather quiet. we have a nice breeze out there. wow. that is pretty. it will be a gorgeous sunset. the ice crystals in the sirius clouds will spur light as the sunsets. we're at 63 degrees. mostly sunny skies.
4:49 pm
wind at 10 to 20 miles an hour. here is the reminder to spring forward. change the clocks late saturday night, early sunday morning, good time to change the batteries and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and liz reminded me, change the air filters at home because that is her chore every year. david, of course, asked jo ann to do it. the sunset today is at 5:59. and by sunday the sunsets at 7:00 by april 11th . 7:316789 i'll hear about that in the -- 7:31, i'll hear about that in the trend. winds will back off. you need the coat tonight. a cool breeze and temperatures dropping off to levels we haven't seen in awhile. 44 tomorrow morning but 30s in suburbs. sunshine will mix with clouds. during the morning hours it will be partly to mostly cloudy. breeze a breeze isn't too bad. we should get near 60 degrees. 62 with enough sunshine. if you notice the temperatures now, we see how they dropped
4:50 pm
upper 20's well north and west. start the day at 43 in islip. 37 in new burg. see how the clouds are coming in south and west of new york city? we're able to get close to 60 degrees but a piece of that way. sunday morning. we start out in the mid to upper morning. they will make another come back 60 or so. we may have a shower south and west of new york city. maybe south of i-78 by 5:00 and have your umbrellas later sunday night and especially into monday. so just because we've really started this pollen season early, the air quality tomorrow is moderate. uv index at a five the pollen count. it is all about tree pollen. maple and juniper and elm. sunday, spring it forward. 62, sun gives way to clouds. a late day shower south to west. this is something we haven't seen. 48, raw and rainy. a cool day. tuesday, a late day high of 60
4:51 pm
morning and beautiful by about wednesday. the question; i don't know whether you go, liz would you state your full name for the record, please a fiberglass filter or polyester. >> i prefer the fiberglass ones. >> you throw away. >> i go with the cheapest one they got. >> joann called and said she is not doing it this year. >> i don't blame her. >> she is too busy m. >> poor woman. >> we're settlers. we settle. >> i love that campaign. >> let's find out what is really trending. an incredibly charming woman who showed off her dance moves to the president during her white house visit, it turns out, she >! >> i say, i'm here. i say it is black history month and i'm here. >> what is the secret? >> i love virginia mclairen, she is my favorite. she said when she went to the white house she never thought
4:52 pm
white house. she did and happy birthday! 107 years young. >> she is a happy, happy woman. beautiful smile. i love that! >> i know. she clearly tapped into super powers there. speaking of which, the latest trailer for the much anticipated movie captain america civil war is out. it clearly shows which side the super heros will take and also gives us the first glimpse of spiderman in this story. >> all right. >> hey, eve. >> our director andy geeked out by this trailer. it has to be good. captain america: civil war comes out may 6th. if you want to see a real life super hero, look no further than michael phelps. his commercial for under armor, awesome!
4:53 pm
for the past is behind me. tomorrow . >> i'm telling you, the pain and suffering he goes to get to that shape is ridiculous. rio 2016 will be his 5th olympics. finally, finally, with a bride, we end with a bride's special day of the planning and anticipation leading up to the walk on the aisle when all eyes were to the queen of the day in her beautiful white dress. . >> no way! >> how funny is this. he couldn't resist that. i can't blame him. >> that is fantastic. the sound effect of him landing. >> i give him an 8.7. >> excellent long jump. check out the trend online. >> did he make it all the way down the aisle?
4:54 pm
of her. >> he was brought away. right now. >> very cool. >> all right. coming up, next story, a serious 1, 2 missing teens were found alive. the sisters vanished a year ago in upstate new york and we're learning how they were kidnapped and who held them against their will. we continue to follow that breaking news in the grand central parkway. one person critically injured when a tire flew off of a car all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. that's because we've been working hard to give you better service, and it shows. we came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand
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4:56 pm
a remarkable discovery to tell you about. two teenagers were found alive after being kidnapped. >> the sisters vanished 11 months ago. they left school but never
4:57 pm
police now say they were abducted. rob nelson has the story. >> reporter: new york state police never stopped looking for the now 16-year-old sha lean and kylea. with the help of a phone call, the search ended with the girls being found alive. >> state police went to the house and found them. the investigation, you know, continued until there was arrests. >> reporter: the suspect is 29- year-old amanda hellman of vestle. she was arraigned and charged with kidnapping in the second degree. >> i don't want to get into specifically how long she was a suspect for, but i can tell you she is in custody now and charged. >> reporter: state police say she was a family acquaintance of the girls. both teens were living with their foster family when they were taken. they were last seen at the school waiting to get on the school bus after classes on april 27, 2015. since then, the investigation has taken police on several twists and turns.
4:58 pm
investigated numerous leads about the girls' location. >> for all of us, 11 months goes by, and you think you will never see them again. >> reporter: the girls under good health. there is not expected to be any additional charges or suspects in the case. mean tile, hellman is being held without bail. rob nelson, channel 7 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 begins right now. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e-mail: the clock is ticking to keep new jersey transit workers from walking off the job. the move that would leave thousands of riders scrambling for another way to get around. >> we continue to follow breaking news. danger on the road.
4:59 pm
windshield on the parkway. i'm diana williams. >> we know one person is in critical condition. traffic is still backed up. shannon? >> reporter: you can obviously see why. look at the damage to the vehicle traveling east when the tire came flying over from the westbound lanes. all of this happening before 2:00 this afternoon right around the cross island parkway. we mentioned it before. it is a miracle that that was the only car that was hit because we want to show you where the tire finally came to a rest all the way against the guardrail off the right-hand side shoulder of the roadway. so it went all the way across all of the lanes at grand central parkway. we'll bring you to the other side because obviously, the car that lost that tire was traveling on the other side of the roadway, on the westbound side but look at how far down
5:00 pm
all the way down here is where that car is. if you look closely at the front tire on the driver's side, you can see that that tire is, in fact, missing. so this is going to be an ongoing accident investigation here. as you mentioned, one person is in critical condition. what this is doing to traffic, you can't even imagine these delays. if you have to drive eastbound through queens, take a break. don't even bother to try. taking you back past la guardia. airport. it spills onto the jackie robinson parkway. you have to go local to get around this. reporting live, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> shannon, thank you. now to the possible new jersey transit strike. we've just learned that talks between the new jersey transit and unions have taken an optimistic tone. >> workers could walk off the


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